Pay annually and your setup fee is waived!

$360 Setup Fee
$60Per Month

Pay annually and your setup fee is waived!

  • Website Personalized with Your Photos and Bio
  • Nine Social Security Videos
  • Six Retirement Videos
  • Six Medicare Videos
  • Prerecorded Social Security Webinar
  • + Webinar Slides & Script
  • Prerecorded Retirement Plan Webinar
  • + Webinar Slides & Script
  • Prerecorded Tax Wise Webinar
  • + Webinar Slides & Script
  • Prerecorded Medicare Webinar
  • Plus Webinar Slides & Script
  • Use any Domain Name (you provide)
  • Website Hosting is Included
$360 Setup Fee
$90Per Month

Pay annually and your setup fee is waived!

  • All Core Package Features
  • Event Scheduling and RSVP Included
  • "Maximizing Social Security" Course Slides & Script
  • "Harvesting Retirement Plan" Course Slides & Script
  • "Tax Wise Retirement" Course Slides & Script
  • "Mastering Medicare" Course Slides & Script
  • 10 Discussion Guide Workbooks

Complete package subscribers will be mailed 10 printed workbooks and a USB drive containing all four course PowerPoint slides with scripts.

Additional workbooks can be ordered at a cost of $2.95 each (minimum quantity of 10 copies)


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

In what ways will my website be personalized and what do I need to provide in order to have my website set up?

You will need to provide the following:

  1. Photos – up to three photographs of yourself. These photos will appear at the top section of the HOME page, bottom section of the HOME page, on the ABOUT page and on the pages offering Social Security and retirement analysis reports.
  2. The Advisor On-Boarding Profile On this form you will enter your name, phone number, email address and a brief bio. Your bio will be used in the bottom section of the HOME page and on the ABOUT page. Your phone number will appear on the CONTACT US page. And the information provide by visitors on any opt-in forms or other requests will be sent to the email address provided.
  3. The domain name you wish to use for your website.

What is the process for setting up my website and how long will it take?

Once we receive your photos, Advisor On-Boarding Profile and domain name, we can start working on your site. It will take approximately five business days before your site goes “live”.

Can I request additional customization of my website?

Sorry, but at this time we are not providing any additional customization options.

If I am not qualified or interested in helping clients with issues such as Medicare, can this content be removed from my site?

Yes. There are four topics with supporting videos and other resources that come standard with the website. The topics are Maximizing Social Security, Harvesting Retirement Plans, Tax Wise Retirement and Mastering Medicare. You can indicate on the Advisor On-Boarding Profile and have us remove any of these topic resources.

What is included with the workshop module?

The workshop module is a comprehensive resource for advisors who wish to conduct live adult education courses in their local markets. Course topics are Social Security Maximization, Harvesting Retirement Plan Accounts, Tax Wise Retirement and Mastering Medicare. Each topic includes scripted presentation slides and course workbooks. And an online registration system is integrated into the advisor’s website.

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